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Business Center , Alshamookh Building , UAQ Free Trade Zone Dubai 72 AE
Business Center , Alshamookh Building , UAQ Free Trade Zone Dubai , AE
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About us


Evolution of Donetella "the luxury bed linen collection" has an exciting background. The way One Idea can change your life, some similar thought holds good for “One Right Question” also. The Genesis of Brand Donetella resides in our quest to answer that Mysterious question, which we came across while attending an External training Program in the year 2015.


The question asked to the participants was “which is the best part of the whole day “and “Why” . We were not much surprised to see that most of the respondents answered “Sleeping time” as the best time; however the answer of “Why” gave us few interesting insights, which in turn, formed the basis of we getting in to bedlinens through our Brand Donetella.  Some Interesting responses were “Dreaming allows us to sort through unresolved, repressed wishes”. “Dreams help to regulate traffic on that fragile bridge which connects our experiences with our emotions and memories”.


Listening these responses, gave an important direction to our team member’s Entrepreneurial thought process. We Knew that , we can’t control individual’s dreams , but we realised that through our offerings eg bedlinen, we can try to simulate an exciting , calm, serene and happy go environment and surrounding for individual  at his  last as well as first lap of his/her  physical day. This gave emergence to our offering i.e bedlinens, which we have brought to the world under the name DONETELLA.  We visualise Brand Donetella to be your passive partner in your virtual journey. We wish Brand Donetella to adieu you , when you enter your dream world, we wish Brand Donetella to receive you fresh when you first step up , everyday ,  in your physical world. It’s our endeavour to keep you positive and youthful through our exclusive elegant designs of bedlinens.

We are bunch of happy go people, with the common belief that "Precious Moments of Uncomplicated happiness like personal moments also deserve the best mix of Elegance, Style, Comfort & Luxury". Brand Donetella is the true reflection of the same.

Brand Donetella is an out come of our in-depth research on all finer aspects to ensure that you receive Impeccably stylish, beautifully designed bed linen with assured quality, luxurious feel fabric made up of 100% cotton with finest single ply yarn at fair prices.


We derive constant inspiration from todays user's incredible ability to choose Style over fashion, simple yet elegant luxury designs. Brand Donetella is committed to keep you, always ahead, in terms of Elegance Comfort, Luxury and Style Quotient.


We did a pilot launch of Donetella in Middle East in early 2016  and based on an excellent response from our consumers, we have scaled up ourselves with extraordinary rich collection for all seasons. The Edited collections of Brand Donetella look forward to be part of your extraordinary choice.


Donetella aspires to provide an ecstatic experience for its valuable customers with its rich collection of bedlinens and accessories embodying right mix of Elegance, Style, Comfort& Luxury.

Our Philosophy : As in Human Relations , its the characteristics of an individual which  creates bonding of  X with Y, irrespective of their name, in a similar way , we wish our consumers to love Donetella based on sheer intrinsic value , it brings to them .


Our Competency lies in Sourcing and creation of Right Mix of Elegance, Style, Comfort & Luxury in our range of Bed linens at fair prices through aggregation of Creative Exclusive  Designers, Large Scale Manufacturers Spread across Asia. We have established strategic partnership with all the Supply Chain Partners in Value Chain to ensure that Our Consumers get    High-end Luxurious & Innovative design at accessible prices,​with premium quality that upholds high standards. All our Manufacturing Partners are Oeko-Tex certified to ensure that our products are free from Synthetics & chemicals and it is manufactured ethically.

We also make sure that each of our offering has well soaked the Love, Care and Attention to detail it deserves, before being offered to you.

Our endeavour is to offer Exclusive Designer Concepts at accessible price points to our Consumers. We have been able to create such accessible price points for such High End luxury designs based on connecting right partners and subtracting the brand value being charged or we shall say overcharged to consumers in this segment .



Our products are created to bring everyday luxury to our customers.We believe in offering designer - quality products without the designer price tag - that means at affordable prices that represent exceptional value for money. More than anything else. we promise that the investment our customers make in us will always be worth it.


We use the very best fabrics, made from the highest-quality raw materials. we search for the softest cashmere, the finest silk, cool linen and crisp cotton and travel the world. To ensure we are using the best expertise and production.


We don't want our products to be saved for best. They may be luxuriously high quality, but they're designed to be loved and used everyday. We ensure everything we make is easy to look after and made to last.


We are obsessive about detail, From the supremely stylish to the incredibly practical, every item in our collection offers something special in terms of look and feel.

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